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This rum is from 2016 harvest molasses that has been aged in 3 x 225 litre, uncharred shiraz casks. Consists of Cask Number 81,83 & 87. Bottled in April 2021 at 47.5% Alc it is a numbered release. With an initial limited release of 700 bottles. Colour: Our Rum is crimson red to rich brown and caramel, aged in uncharred Shiraz Casks from a locally sourced Riverina Winery for 4 years, it contains natural colouring and flavouring from the casks with a rich molasses finish.Nose: When you raise your nose into a glass of our Riverina Rum, the moment before the flavours deluge into your mouth, your mind will often race through a life time of memories. This can be in ways of flavour that take you back to childhood Christmases, or drinking with your buddies (we’ve all got them). Whatever it brings to mind, the smell of rum activates parts of our emotional senses in our lives both past and present.Palate: In order to maximise your palate, hold the first sip in your mouth,then you will really appreciate on the next sip, look out for sweet, bitter, acidic, andspicy shiraz tones. After the taste comes the finish & the length. This is the after taste that follows well  after you’ve swallowed the Rum. Tasting Notes: the beautiful caramel, banana, chocolate, licorice cherries and raisinflavours perfectly compliment the cleanliness of the double distilled spirit.

The Aisling Distillery Riverina Rum

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