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Our Story

Our Story

Spirits are Best Shared, and so Are Stories

We founded The Aisling Distillery in 2014 to specialize in Small Batch Premium Single Malt Whisky, Rum and more recently Gin. We wanted to capture the Riverina also known as “the food bowl of Australia” it’s sheer beauty of the Griffith Region, New South Wales, the heart of the Murrumbidgee that is home to so many Traditions.

We are a family-run distillery with Mark having a Trade of Engineering behind him we wanted to capture his knowledge, expertise and sheer brilliance and transform that quality into quality Spirits. We use locally sourced Barley.  At Aisling Distillery, we have an efficient outlook to our daily routines.  Our Spirit runs are slow, to give us the smooth soft craft spirit we know everyone is going to enjoy, our Whisky is big and bold and has a lasting palate feel long after your tasting experience. Flavours to cherish.  It’s all hand crafted from gristing our barley, all the way through to filling the cask.

We love the Products we have and know that you will love them, Spirits are best shared with the ones we love where memories are made.

The Aisling Distillery was born with the love of my Scottish Heritage as I was born in the mid-seventies in Griffith, NSW. Being raised in Griffith surrounded by an Italian community rich in culture and heritage. I knew that I was of Scottish ancestry.The problem with being of Scottish heritage being raised in Griffith was that I had no identity in regard to my past. The Italians had their nice breads, salami, wine, olives, anti-pasta and a European language.

I feel that I had nothing, but I felt that I needed to be in touch with something. I didn't know where I came from, I was just an Aussie boy growing up in a town full of people with rich cultures and stories dating back generations. So being of Scottish heritage I thought that it was my birth right that I produce something from my past.


As I have embarked on my journey into my heritage, I’ve realized the first descendants arrived in Benalla, VIC and settled in Tungamah, VIC. The land where they lived and worked from 1875-1920 was “BURNSIDE” Hill Plain Road. This farm is still today being worked by a local Griffith Lady that married a Tungamah Lad and now lives on “BURNSIDE” over the past few years they’ve harvested “Planet” & “Hindmarsh” Barley.


Along with my journey, we travel into the fate of East meets West. Fifteen years ago, I met my now wife, Michelle who has Dutch Heritage and with that we embarked on this journey together. We had a brief discussion about a Distillery, so Michelle sent me to Tasmania to meet Bill Lark. Well that was a decision made and here we are a Scotsman and a Dutchwoman two dreams that have come together and are producing amazing Spirits. It is an amazing journey, life changing, and memories being made with our family.

-The Aisling Distillery

The Dreams of Future Hopes.


Mark & Michelle Burns

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