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“This Single Malt Whisky “CNOC NEAMH” is our Reserve Edition Premium American Oak is Where the Ancestors Rise from the Heavens. Matured in American Oak casks previously used to age fine bourbon whisky. A light engaging whisky with fragrant aromas, it was double distilled and is non-chill filtered to retain depth of character. It has been aged in 3 x 225 litre, charred casks from Heavens Hill Distillery in Kentucky. Decanted in February 2022 at 50% Alc it is a numbered release. With an initial limited release of 800 bottles.


Colour: deep golden charred casks from Heavens Hill Distillery in Kentucky, Aged for 4 years & 3 months. It contains natural colouring and flavouring from the casks with a rich fulfilling flavoursome palate finish.


Nose: When you raise your nose into a glass of our Single Malt Whisky, that highlights the famous bold spirit style against the signature bright fragrant aromas with hints of vanilla, honey, and pears. Perfectly compliment the cleanliness of the double distilled spirit. Allowing the spirit to sit and breathe before you indulge into your first sip.


Palate: In order to maximise your palate, hold the first sip in your mouth, then you will really appreciate on the next sip, look out for the soft mouthfeel with subtle sweet bourbon notes, vanilla, honey and green fruit, Clean long lingering finish. After the taste comes the finish & the length. This is the after taste that follows well after you’ve swallowed.


Pairing: with a variety of dishes smoked salmon, pastry, chocolate truffles, hard cheeses, smoked brisket, smoked ribs and cookies

Cnoc Neamh

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