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With an approach for our Single Malt that gives great length and vital contribution to the final flavour profile. The Aisling Single Malt Whisky is crafted to expose the Malted Barley produced right here in Australia. The Single Malt has a unique profile and character, which gives a full-bodied complex finish.

The Aisling Single Malt Heritage Collection has been handcrafted and matured in 100 litre, Australian Vintage Tawny (Port) Casks. Specifically coopered to give clean balance of both char and toast. The complexity from these casks is phenomenal.

The natural sweetness of these casks complements the savory charisma of the Spirit.


Visual – deep amber with good viscosity

Nose – revealing freshly cut wood, wet cereal, raisins, toffee, plum and liquorice root

Palate – round and full mouthfeel, plump semi-dried sultanas, rich coating on the palate with a semi-dry finish


Fantastic drink, full and rich without being too complicated. Allowing a little time to open up and breathe, the Tawny Cask just keeps giving long after your glass is empty.


700ml Bottle Size @ 49% Alc/Vol

Cask No: 18,23,24,25,26,27 & 28

Product of Griffith, NSW, Australia


Shipping will commence on 5th December 2020

The Aisling Single Malt Series 1 Tawny

SKU: 9355966000030
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