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Our Whisky

As Mark would say “the wheels turn slowly around here”, we have had hurdles along

our journey, steps we take in life can be challenging, but more importantly, we

subscribe to The Aisling [Ash-lin] as our “dream or vision” in the Gaelic meaning. A belief that our whisky is matured when we are happy with the maturation. A processing Distillery language that simply cannot be rushed. 


With an approach for our Single Malt that gives great length and vital contribution to the final flavour profile. The Aisling Single Malt Whisky is crafted to expose the Malted Barley produced right here in Australia. The Single Malt has a unique profile and character, which gives a full-bodied complex finish.


This Edition is specific to the Queen’s behind the scenes of our Aisling Distillery. The working force of the woman, wife & mother.

The Queen that rises from the ground and supports the VISION of her beloved husband.


This is a Premium release with deep crimson red colour, a savoury back drop of sweet fruit, made up of plum jam, red grape, orange

marmalade and more berries, shrouded by earthy tones and a small amount of spice.

Our Whiskies

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